Global Kids Find New Content from Favorite Cable Channels and Word-of-Mouth

A new Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS infographic reveals that kids hear about new shows mostly from cable channels, family, and friends.

In the sea of content available to kids today, how do they find new shows to watch?

Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS’s Connected Kids study gives an in-depth look at how kids 4 to 11 around the world are consuming TV and video content. The goal of this project is to understand children’s viewing behavior in this fast-changing media environment.

A new infographic from this study shows that 36% of kids say mainly hear about new content from cable channels they usually watch.

Family and friends are almost equally influential, with 18% of kids relying on tips from family members and 16% mostly getting recommendations from friends.

Technology is a guide for some, with 15% saying they mainly use recommendations from the sources they use to access TV and 12% getting their information about new shows online.

Kids in Mexico are most reliant on favorite cable channels (51%), while kids in Germany are much more influenced by others (26% by family, 26% by friends).

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