For Global Kids, Linear TV Is the #1 Source

A new Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS infographic reveals that global kids are most likely to use linear TV to watch TV and video content.

With so many sources available to consume video, which are global kids using?

Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS’s Connected Kids study gives an in-depth look at how kids 4 to 11 around the world are consuming TV and video content. The goal of this project is to understand children’s viewing behavior in this fast-changing media environment.

An infographic emerging from this study reveals that more than 9 out of 10 kids (92%) internationally use linear TV to watch TV and video content. Other sources used by a majority of kids are free video on demand (e.g. YouTube) and DVDs (83% and 79%, respectively).

Kids are a little less likely to turn to sources that aren’t as easy for them to use independently: 58% use official TV channel websites, 46% use VOD and 46% use subscription VOD (e.g. Netflix).

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